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Scrumpy & Western

The definitive guide to the West Country music since 1999!

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Welcome to the Scrumpy & Western website

"The ultimate website if you've even the vaguest interest in the West Country's finest musical export. Incredibly detailed and written with unexpected panache" - PC Format magazine
"We've had loads of Myspace hits since being included on Scrumpy and Western! Great Stuff!" - Kev of Who's Afear'd

This website is dedicated to the memory of the forgotten pioneer of Scrumpy & Western music Bob Barratt (19??-2004) and to our founding webmaster Paul 'Zider Ed' Gunningham (1951-2007)**


Scrumpy & Western music is the sound of the West Country of England. It is best known as being the music of Adge Cutler and the Wurzels, but to connoisseurs of the genre, there is much, much more to Scrumpy & Western music than just Drink Up Thy Cider or Combine Harvester. This website lists well over 30 artists and bands whose music falls into the genre, and there are undoubtedly many others not listed, and more yet who have Scrumpy & Western songs within their repertoire, but whose music fall mostly into other genres. read more...

**This website was founded by Paul Gunningham, aka Zider Ed in 1999. Sadly Paul died in 2007 as a result of injuries sustained in a road traffic accident. Rather than let his legacy fade, Frank Blades of Somersetmade Ltd took over the running and continued development of this website in his memory. However, Frank has now left Somersetmade Ltd as a director and subsequently information contained herein (although correct at the time of posting) may now be out of date and links to artistes or sites cannot be guaranteed.

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Scrumpy & Western Gigs

Scrumpy & Western gigs see the gig guide for the full listing.



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Scrumpy & Western Bands and Songwriters

Adge Cutler & The Wurzels
Acker Bilk
Shag Connors & The Carrot Crunchers
Len 'Uke' Thomas
Trevor Crozier
Bob Barrett
The Yetties
The Yokels
Fred Wedlock
Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra
The Crofters
A.D. Rice & The Wazzuks
The Mangledwurzels
The Plonkers Agricultural Orchestra
New Forest Yokels
The Cornish Wurzells
The Cutlers of Cornwall
The Twerzels
The West Country Wurzel
Combyne Arvester
Skimmity Hitchers
Who's Afear'd
The Somerset Paddies
Surfin' Turnips
'Ere Whacks
More Silage
Countryside Alliance Crew
Derek Wright (aka DJ Dub)
Fizzy Milk
The Shenanigans Banned
The Boothill All Stars
The Scrumpy Bashers
Swinging Udders
The Cowshed Cleaners
Somerset Barnstormers
Panda & Kenwyn
The Tinker Boys
Pete Atkin

Scrumpy & Western Comedians

Bill Bailey
Justin Lee Collins
Greg Suggitt
Benny Hill


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