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The Shenanigans Banned
"importing Scrumpy & Western into the Isle Of Man"

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Who Are The Shenanigans Banned?

Not a mainstream Scrumpy and Western band as such, but as the only band playing Scrumpy and Western songs in the Isle of Man, they deserve a mention here. Melodeon player Martyn Perkins is a Somerset lad, born in Yeovil, brought up in Bath, Bleadon and Porlock; and raised on Adge Cutler & The Wurzels, The Yetties and Fred Wedlock. His main ambition in life is to educate the Isle of Man about all things Scrumpy & Western.

The Shenanigans Banned are a rip-roaring folk band that combines traditional Irish and Manx songs with rollicking ribald ballads and Scrumpy and Western classic together with a variety of singalong songs which you thought you had forgotten - and the band probably have! Essentially the band is something like a cross between The Spinners, The Baron Knights, and The Scaffold. However the local Manx press think they are musically positioned nearer the famous Isle of Man’s 'Purple Helmets' comedy motorcycle display team!

The band members are:

  • Graham Stowell - The good looking one with the feathers! Graham was intensively trained at a music house academy somewhere in the North of England so you could say he has been fully house trained. He is the lead singer and that is exactly it...the band has to keep him on a lead to comply with health and safety requirements.
  • Martyn Perkins - Normally plays the melodeon…not only does he play on the black notes and the white notes but quite often on a load of other notes in between. If asked what went wrong, he is likely to reply in his west country lilt: "I dunno - I can’t put me finger on it."
  • Fiona Cracknell - an extremely well qualified musician. She has been described as being an expert in her field...which we think is just off the main road somewhere between Douglas and Peel. Perhaps that is why her guitar is green!
  • Eric Maggs - enjoys playing all the twiddley bits and is arguably the best mandolin player on the Island. However we should point out that as far as we are aware it is an argument that nobody has ever won.
  • Norman Quayle - the new boy; Norman was mightly relieved to hear in Scrumpy & Western music we only chase blackbirds not quails. He is a man of many talents - when they find out what they are they'll let us know.

Throw all that lot together and The Shenanigans Banned guarantee an evening of unrivalled live entertainment for all!

The Scrumpy Bashers

The Scrumpy Bashers

The Scrumpy Bashers

The Scrumpy Bashers

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Thanks to:
- Martyn Perkins
for information received.

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