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"acoustic indie-folk singer-songwriter with a West Country twist"

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Who Is Corky?

Corky is an acoustic indie-folk singer-songwriter with a West Country twist - songs are about historic stories: mad monks, barmaids eaten by tigers and lost villages, as well as childhood angst, stalkers and chav anthems from the weird and wonderful world of Wiltshire. Growing up among circles - both man-made of stone and alien-made of corn - this is a world where legends of 1,000 years ago are still spoken of as if it were last week. Brought up on a diet of Peter, Paul and Mary and Simon & Garfunkel, it wasn't until The Wurzels hit number one during a fierce drought in 1976 that he heard the music to which he belonged. Have a listen to Now That You Know or The Ballad of Albie Nash on his MySpace site, and see if that isn't modern Scrumpy & Western music.


Corky competing in the World Mangoldwurzel Hurling Championships in Sherston, Wilts (yes, that is The Mangledwurzels in the background!)


Corky (backed by the Corkettes) at Lazy Afternoon of Music at Cloister Gardens, Malmesbury

The Corky Discography


Gurt Lush

What Me Fly / In For Me / Ballad Of Albie Nash / Now That You Know / Flying Around / Bade My Time / What You Want / While You Were Sleeping / Laaff / Edge Of Me

The individual songs of Gert Lush, and the entire album, are available to download at the 4014 Project website.


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