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The Plonkers Agricultural Orchestra

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Who Are The Plonkers?

The original Plonkers Agricultural Orchestra started life in 1979 when Gordon and Bob entered the Lymington Carnival with a cider-making machine 'float'. It was a two-wheeled cart pulled by Plonker The Donkey with whistles, bells and various gizmos. The cart was followed by Gordon on banjo, Bob on squeeze box and a trombone and bass drum. They won first prize playing the chorus of Drink Up Thy Zider (which is all they knew, but as they kept moving the crowd never realised this!) for the whole parade. They did this for a few years until the 'band' numbered fiftenn. Then one year the band booked for the Lymington Steam Fair couldn't make it and Gordon was asked to stand in - the first booking for The Plonker's Agricultural Orchestra. They have been plaguing the New Forest ever since...although Plonker The Donkey has passed away.

The Plonkers Agricultural Orchestra

The Plonkers!

The Plonkers Agricultural Orchestra

The Plonkers at Borough Market Apple Day
(16th October 1999)

The Plonkers Agricultural Orchestra

The Plonkers at the Dorset Steam Fair

The Plonkers Agricultural Orchestra

The Plonkers at The Wheel Inn, Pennington
(August 2007)

The Plonkers Discography

The Plonkers have released two album 'recorded in full Plonkerphonic farmyard sound'. A third album is being worked on as you read this.
  Title/Tracks Catalogue no. / Date
The Plonkers Agricultural Orchestra

Proper Moosic

Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl / There Is A Tavern In The Town / Thee Cassn't Kill Cooch / Five Foot Flirt / Buttercup Joe / Plonker's Farm Band / Drink Up Thy Zider / Pill, Pill / Jim The Carter's Lad / The Old Threshing Mill / I Wish I Was Back On The Farm

PLONK 1 / 19??
The Plonkers Agricultural Orchestra

2nd Eruption

The Blackbird / Chicken Song / I Am A Cider Drinker / Pill, Pill / Barley Mow / Nellie The Elephant / Combine Harvester / Charlton Mackrell Jug Band / Poor Poor Farmer / Hark At 'Ee Jacko / Don't Tell I Tell 'Ee / Twice Daily

PLONK 2 / 19??

Plonk 3 (Title to be confirmed)


due for release in 2009

The Plonkers Links


Thanks to:

  • Chris (Plonkmaster), Paul Gunningham

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