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More Silage

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Who Are More Silage?

More Silage are David Buchanan (vocals, guitar, keyboard and bass) who specialises in telling audience they will die; Thomas Handy (vocals, banjo and guitar) who is training to become a clergyman, Rob Handy (vocals, accordion, mandolin, keyboard and shaker) who lives in a caravan, and Joel Campbell (drums and on rare occasions, vocals).

More Silage all grew up together in the Somerset village called East Harptree. Indeed, guitarist David held drummer Joel in his arms when he was not yet a day old. David still regularly holds Joel in his arms, although usually around the neck in a strangling motion. Banjo player Thomas and accordionist Robert are brothers, although in the genetically tangled web of East Harptree this means they could just as well be father and son, uncle and nephew, or even their own Siamese twin. The band are trained in a highly specialised brand of full-voiced, ill-rehearsed, real-ale-fuelled, multi-hyphenated folk-pop. This genre may be described as 'Silage' in years to come.

More Silage

More Silage

More Silage

More Silage

More Silage Discography

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Farmer...Farmer No!

Farmer...Farmer No! / Baby 4 Life / C477 MAM / Luke-shaped Hole / The Babacus / O Mummy O Little / Dairy Factory / Don't Make Me / Mendip Pirates / Sugar Plum / Home is where you lay your rump / I'm a Man / The Last Ice Cream Van / Farmer...Farmer No!

November 2007

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