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Who Is Jeddro?

Jeddro is a tribute impression to Cornish comedian Jethro. Jed has been in the entertainment business as a professional comedian for many years. He has travelled far and wide and supported many well known stars, the one man he has never had the opportunity to support, is the very man he idolised as an entertainer and that is Jethro.

Jed idolised Jethro so much that he decided to put a section of Jethro impressions into his act. People were amazed at the accuracy of the impression, so much so that on more than one occasion, they thought that Jed was Jethro himself (see the pictures below - scary, eh?). This led Jed into putting together a complete Tribute to Jethro Show. Jed is now performing this show around the South of England.

Reg Presley and The Yokels


Reg Presley and The Yokels


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The Mangledwurzels
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