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The Cowshed Cleaners

"The Only West Country Group That Smells Like One!"

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Who Are The Cowshed Cleaners?

The Cowshed Cleaners were a Devon-based band from the Tiverton area who described themselves as TV, Radio and Recording Artists. I never saw them on TV or heard them on the radio, but I have found a couple of their albums. Otherwise, I know hardly anything about 'em - if you can help with information about The Cowshed Cleaners?

The personnel were as follows:

  • Hayseed Trump - vocals, lead guitar, banjo and fire extinguisher clanger
  • Gaffer Lyne - vocals, violin, tea-chest bass, coconut shells and wood saw
  • Scarecrow Williams - vocals, rhythm guitar, church bells and footsteps
  • Wurzel Morrell - vocals, washboard, drum, tambourine, hammer and nails.

The above line-up was that at the time of their 1979 album 'Eaps More. On the earlier album Springtime In The Farmyard there were three extra band members known as Sheepdip, Thatcher and Smelly Westlake.

If you know any more about these characters, please let us know!

The Cowshed Cleaners Discography

LP album    
Look LKLP 6195

Springtime In The Farmyard

One Cyder (Side 1): Cowshed Cleaners / Roll On Summer / Springtime In The Farmyard / V.A.T. Man / Cuddle Me / Lotty / Farmer Bolstits Tractor
T'Other Cyder (Side 2): Haymaker's Song / I'm A Bachelor / Harvest Festival / The Juice Of The Apple / ABC Song / Dung Heap Stomp

Look LKLP 6362

'Eaps More

Hayside (Side 1): Oh! Ar! And That's How It Used To Be / Country Boy / Village Idiot / Don't 'Ee Be Too Clever / Ben / Here Comes Autumn
Udder Side (Side 2): Take Me Back / Coochy Coo! / Rosie / Gertie's Dumplings / Village Bobby


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