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Other Scrumpy & Western Bands

There are various other Scrumpy & Western bands around about which there is minimal information. Rather than create multiple band pages with no content, they will be listed here for the time being:

Dizzi D, Leo Big, Zak Ezelove - not entirely sure this rather un-Scrumpy & Western sounding trio should appear here, but they are included by dint of their 2006 song Betsy The Tractor - a " light-hearted, fun-loving and family-friendly comedy country music charity record". Betsy The Tractor tells the story of Terry and his attempt to break the world record for the longest tractor journey. He planned to travel 15,000 miles around the coastline of the UK starting on July the 1st 2006 to raise money for prostate cancer and Diabetes UK. The rest of the songs on the album are funky relaxation songs to ease the mind and soul. it is available from online music retailer CD-Baby.

The Swinging Udders - A skiffle band in the Scrumpy & Western tradition from Bath in the late 70s fronted by Rus (now with The Cornish Wurzells). The band consisted of two guitarists, a washboard player and a tea-chest which Rus' ex-wife played. They also had a white chicken who stood on the tea chest during performances; said chuck wore plastic baby pants, a dolls cardy and wurzel neckerchief and was bribed to stay in position with a pile of chicken feed on the tea chest. A certain Shag Conners influence there! Such things were perfectly acceptable back in the 1970s - and it all worked fine! The band had a great load of fun, and the punters loved it. Sadly there are no photos of the band (and chicken) performing.

Panda & Kenwyn - A Scrumpy & Western duo from Cornwall. They are best known for the hilarious song 'Ooh Aar! Ooh Aar!'. In 2005 they release an album entitled 'The Westcountry' - but I have no further information about them at present.

The Somerset Barnstormers - a short-lived Wurzels tribute band, once on the books of agents Langford Productions, and rather poorly reviewed in The Stage (2004). No other information about this band at present.

There are also a number of songwriters and performers who fall into the borders of Scrumpy & Western music by dint of songs they have written or performed. To call them Scrumpy & Western artists would be a misnomer, but a part of their repertoire certainly does fall into the genre.

Cyril Tawney - Most of Cyril's music of straight revivialist English folk music with a distinctive maritime feel; well, he did serve over 16 years in the Royal Navy! His Scrumpy & Western credentials come from Adge Cutler who credits him on the Cutler Of The West album, before performing Five Foot Flirt (the only one of Cyril's songs that Adge ever covered).

Chaos UK - strong Scrumpy & Western links with this Bristolian punk band. Although most of their songs were pure old skool pink rock, they included the less-than-subtle Cider I Up Landlord in their repertoire (which was even available as a ringtone!) Chaos UK are better known in Scrumpy & Western circles as the Adge Cutler & The Wurzels tribute band A.D. Rice & The Wazzuks who trod the boards of Bristolian pubs in 2000 and 2001.

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