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Fizzy Milk
dairycore - funtime - partyband

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Who Are Fizzy Milk?

Fizzy Milk started way back in 2000, under the working name of 'Conceived By A Hamster'. The band - Matt (guitar, backing vocals), Ken (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Liam (lead vocals, jumping) - met over a love for watching people and eating cheese (mainly cheddar!).

Lack of a drummer meant lack of progress for the first year, but once a drummer was found they decided they were better than their humble town of Bridgwater and ventured out to the big smoke. Bristol! Due to the move, the band yet again had no-one to bang pots and pans. Whilst there, one of the three current members gained a degree, whilst the other two continued to change courses and develop a mutual love for Old Country.

After a three year hiatus, the three young guns decided to reform and provide the kind of public service you just don't get with the BBC anymore. And with the addition of Ben on drums all is set, Fizzy Milk are here and about to take over! The band are on the fringes of the Scrumpy & Western genre - their music being much more in the indie-punk genre than yer classic Scrumpy & Western - but with two support slots for The Wurzels under their belts - and songs and single with titles like Sex, Drugs and Semi-Skimmed! and Legendairy, they deserve their mention on this website.

Fizzy Milk

Fizzy Milk

Fizzy Milk Discography

Singles & EPs    

Sex, Drugs and Semi-Skimmed!

Legendairy / Old Country / King Of A Waste Of Time / Deal Or No Deal / On The Fiddle

Recorded at the Collective Studio, Bridgwater


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