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The Cornish Wurzells
"A Cornish tribute to Adge Cutler"

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Who Are The Cornish Wurzells?

The Cornish Wurzells are three-piece Penzance-based tribute to Adge Cutler formed in 2006. The Cornish Wurzells have built up a big fanbase in Devon and Cornwall and have played at the Royal Cornwall Show, The Hall For Cornwall, Jethro’s Club as well as regular dates throughout the West Country - as well as getting radio airplay on Cornwall's local radio stations. The current line-up consists of founder member Russ Holland (banjo and vocals), Terry Pascoe (keyboard, guitars and vocals) and Tim Joslin (sousaphone and tuba).

Russ used to live in Bath where he went to watch The Wurzels whenever they were gigging - and he started a band 30 years ago called The Swinging Udders - which sadly didn't last long. Russ was born in the same village as Cornish comedian Jethro, talks the same language (what happened was…), and as a result, The Cornish Wurzells have supported Jethro on numerous occasions and he has been adopted as an honorary member of the band.

Terry is the newest member of the band, joining in the summer of 2009. He was a former member of The Wurzels (see Terry's Wurzelmania biog). After leaving The Wurzels in the 1980s, he worked for various cruise lines and sailed the world for twelve years playing piano/vocals on ships like the QEII. He was signed to Bramson’s Agency of Broadway for three years for resident position with the LA-based Royal Cruise Line. It was while working as musical director at Lyme Bay Holiday Centre in South Devon that he met Russ and The Cornish Wurzells in 2008. He introduced himself as a former Wurzels and six months later Russ invited him to join the band for their gig at the Royal Cornwall Show; this turned out to be a great success, and he joined the band on a full time basis.

Tim joined the band in November 2007. He was previously with the Camborne Town Band for 26 years achieving success as national champions and is the only Cornish Wurzell to boast an appearance at the Royal Albert Hall (although Terry and Russ are quick to point out they have appeared at the Royal Albert Bridge at Plymouth!). Tim’s addition to the band is crucial to recreating that authentic ‘Cutler’ sound of the sixties "bringing out that oompah beat with ‘ees wurzellphone!".

The Cornish Wurzells

The Cornish Wurzells' 2009 line-up with former Wurzel Terry Pascoe on keyboards

The Cornish Wurzells

Russ Holland

The Cornish Wurzells

Terry Pascoe

The Cornish Wurzells

Tim Joslin

The Cornish Wurzells Discography

CD Singles    

Roger The Red-Nosed Cowman

[check the 30 sec mp3 clip]

November 2007
CD Albums    

Don't Ee Know!

Don't 'Ee Know! / Champion Dung Spreader / Don't Tell I / Mendip Love-In / Captain Of The Dredger / Shepton Mallet Matador / I Like To Swim In The Zider Zee / Pill Pill / Threshing Machine / Drink Up Thy Cider / Lamorna / I Wish I Was Back On The Farm

check the mp3 of Don't Ee Know taken from this album.

no pic Royal Cornwall Show Live 1 August 2009

The Cornish Wurzells Links


Thanks to:
- Darren Grylls of Roche FC under 15's (Cornwall) for correcting the spelling and pointing us in the direction of the band's website.

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