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The Boot Hill All Stars

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The MangledwurzelsWho Are The Boot Hill All Stars?

The Boot Hill All Stars are a 'West Country bootlegged hoedown' band based in Frome, Somerset (or at least that's how they described themselves to get a page on the Scrumpy & Western website!). According to their MySpace page, they are more of a psychobilly-bluegrass-ska band playing banjo and guitar-driven songs to 'grab your partners by the gland', and list in their 'Sounds Like' section hoedown, kelzmer, ska, country, punk and surf... But as they have supported The Wurzels in the past, and often share the stage with the likes of the Surfin' Turnips and Who's Afear'd; that is good enough for inclusion here!

The band is a four-piece consisting of Flounder (vocals and mouth), Aida (geetar, vocals and wind section), Neil (bass and font of youth) and Colin (drums and bad suits).

The Boot Hill All Stars

Flounder and Aida in action.

The Boot Hill All Stars

Flounder giving it his all.

The Boot Hill All Stars

The band in the bad olde days before colour film...

The Boot Hill All Stars

The band on stage at the Wimborne Folk Festival 2008.

The Boot Hill All Stars Discography

CD Singles    

Ring Dang Doo

Ring Dang Do / Folsum Prison Blues / Paint It Black / Gingsters

Recorded at Handsome Llama Studios in Frome; not sure if these songs have been released yet.


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Thanks to:
- Flounder for information received.

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