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The Yetties Discography

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The Yetties have released so many singles and albums, books, DVDs and videos that their discography deserves a page to itself.

45rpm singles | 12" albums | CD albums | DVDs | books | other recordings

45rpm Singles    


Argo AFW 113

Dorset Is Beautiful / Fling It Here! Fling It There!  


Argo AFW 120


Bandy Bertha's Birthday / One Morning In May


Argo AFW 125

Costa Del Dorset / Fill Up The Cider Cup

Producer: Kevin Daly


Decca F13654


Cigareetes, Whusky & Wild Wild Women / She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain


Decca F13707

Have A Drink On Me / The Three Billy Goats Gruff (with Toni Arthur)

Producer: Kevin Daly


Decca F13721

The Punch & Judy Man / The Fair Maids Of Portsmouth  


Decca F13796

The Dorset Juggernaut / Watercress  


Decca F13846

Oil / Green Fields Of Dorset

Producer: Ray Singer; Arranged: Lascelles/Storey



Nellie The Elephant / My Grandfather's Clock  


White Hart YET 3001

Freezy / Beautiful Dorset - The Yetties with the children form the Abbey Primary School, Sherborne


12" LPs    

Acorn CF 203

Fifty Stone Of Loveliness

Side 1: Overture / Bound For Baltimore / To Hear The Nightingale Sing / The Maypole / The Hunt / Rounding The Horn
Side 2: Farming Contractor's Song / I Touched Her On The Toe / Outward Bound / Instrumental Medley (Sligo Fancy; The Blackthorn Stick; Timor The Tartar) / The Leaf / The Nightingale


Acorn CF 208


Who's A-fear'd? (Songs and Music from Dorset)

Side 1: Pretty Nancy Of Weymouth / The Brewer Laddie / The Cattistock Hunt / Hardy Medley (Haste To The Wedding; Speed The Plough; Dorset Triumph) / The Grey Hawk / Ye Mariners All / Concertina Medley (Dorset Hornpipe; Drops Of Brandy)
Side 2: Dorset Militia Song / Nellie Was A Milkmaid / Dorset Four-Hand Reel / The Sailor Cut Down In His Prime / The Comfort Of Man / Home Dearest Home


Argo ZFB 16

Keep A'Runnin' - It's The Yetties!

Side 1: The Fairy Dance-The Breakdown / The Broadside Man / Whip Jamboree / The Exmoor Hunt Song / The Peasant's Revolt / Yeller Girls / Good English Ale / McCann's Jig-The Lilting Fisherman-Drowsy Maggie / The Nightingale
Side 2: The Sound Of The Drum / Five Foot Flirt / Dunphy's Hornpipe / Take Your Time / South Australia / Corpus Christi Carol / Let The Bulgine Run


Argo ZFB 32

Our Friends The Yetties

Side 1: Aunt Hessie's White Horse; Villa Fiord / Out In The Green Fields / Lamorna / Three Reels (The Merry Blacksmith; Sheenan's; Colonel Rodney) / Towersey Fair / American Reels (Flop Eared Mule; Hen & Chickens) / The Rolling Hills Of The Border / Rodney's Glory / Sweet Thyme
Side 2: Santa Anna / Derry Hornpipe; Bottom Of The Punchbowl / The Lark In The Morning / Kelly's Joy (Slip Jig); The Teetotaller (Reel) / The Dreadnought / The King Of The Fairies / The Dancers Of Stanton Drew / Three Jigs (Shandon Bells; Father Kelly's; The Swallow's Nest) / The Thrashing Machine


Argo ZFB 38

Dorset Is Beautiful

Side 1: Medley Of Country Tunes (Country Gardens; Lincolnshire Poacher; Brigg Fair; Helston Furry Dance; The Keeper; D'Ye Ken John Peel) / Fill Up The Cider Cup / Shepherd's Song / The Tailor's Breeches / Dancing At The Manor (Hunsdon House; Nonesuch) / No, Sir! No! / The Blackbird / Home, Dearest, Home / Diggery Venn
Side 2: Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl / Dancing On The Green (Rigs O' Marlow; The Cuckoo's Nest) / The Country Carrier / The Mallard / The Story-Teller / Buttercup Joe / The Nutting Girl / Dorset Is Beautiful


Argo ZFB 86

All At Sea

Side 1: Hornpipe Medley (Bosun's aka College; Trumpet) / Spanish Ladies / Fiddler's Green / The Mermaid / The Watchet Sailor / Three Sea Captains / Aboard The Kangaroo / Can't You Dance The Polka
Side 2: Ranter's Wharf / The Greenland Whale Fisheries / Concertina Medley / Stormalong / The Quaker / The Banks Of Newfoundland / The Candlelight Fisherman / Homeward Bound


Argo ZDA 100

Up In Arms - The Yetties with The Sherborne Town Band

Side 1: (We're Gonna Hang Out) The Washing On The Siegfried Line; Run, Rabbit, Run; Wish Me Luck (As You Wave Me Goodbye) / Old King Cole / Browned Off / Don't Be Angry With Me Sergeant; Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major; Our Sergeant Major Fell From 40,000 Feet / Colonel Bogey / Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire / Bless 'Em All
Side 2: In The Quartermaster's Stores / Position Capabilities Description / The Peat Bog Soldiers (Moorsoldaten) / Any Complaints? / Guarding The Home Of The Home Guard / Lili Marlene (The D-Day Dodgers) / The Soldier's Ten Commandments; When This Bloody War Is Over / Pack Up Your Troubles; Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out The Barrel); It's A Long, Long Way To Tipperary



Argo ZDA 168

The Yetties Of Yetminster

Side 1: The Gypsy Rover / Bandy Bertha's Birthday / One Morning In May / Widdecombe Fair / Downfield's Delight / Bread & Fishes / The Gentleman Soldier
Side 2: Dark Island / On A Monday Morning / Fling It Here! Fling It There! / The Marrow / Lord Of The Dance / Beau Psaltery / The Farming Contractor / Trelawney


Argo ZDA 175

Let's Have A Party

Side 1: The Drunken Sailor / Tavern In The Town; Molly Malone; Little Brown Jug / The Gay Gordons (Scotland The Brave; The Gay Gordons; Atholl Highlanders) / Billy Boy / A-Roving / Tavistock Goosey Fair / Greensleeves; Shepherd, O Shepherd, Will You Come Home? / Round Britain Medley (Dorset Is Beautiful; Henry The Eighth; The Lincolnshire Poacher; Ilkley Moor Baht 'At; She's A Lassie From Lancashire; Blaydon Races)
Side 2: It's A Fine Thing To Sing / I Touched Her On The Toe / We Had Some Chickens / Cock Robin / Round The Camp Fire: Medley (Ging Gang Gooley; One Weny; You'll Never Get To Heaven; Upidee) / Last Waltz Medley (Daisy, Daisy; She Was A Dear Little Dicky Bird; I Belong To Glasgow; Now Is The Hour; Goodnight Ladies; Poor Old Landlord)


Argo SPA 436

The World Of The Yetties

Side 1: Out In The Green Fields / The Nightingale / McCann's Jig; The Lilting Fisherman; Drowsy Maggie / The Lark In The Morning / Spanish Ladies / Dancing On The Green (Rigs O' Marlow; The Cuckoo's Nest) / Can't You Dance The Polka
Side 2: Lamorna / The King Of The Fairies / South Australia / The Mallard / The Banks Of Newfoundland / Dorset Four-Hand Reel / Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl


Decca SKL 5253

The Village Band - The Yetties with The Sherborne Town Band

Side 1: The Village Band / Compliments Returned / Cigareetes & Whusky & Wild, Wild Women / Brigg Fair / Our Sarah / Henry My Son / The Parson's Farewell; Linden Lea / To Be A Farmer's Boy
Side 2: Whistling Rufus / The Barley Mow / Costa Del Dorset / January Man / The Jolly Ploughboy / Granny's Old Arm Chair / The Parting Glass / The Village Band


Decca SKL 5282


Side 1: Barwick Green / Sing Me An Old Fashioned Song; A Fox Went Out; The Keeper / The Punch And Judy Man / On Horseback / Shrewsbury Lasses / The Old Lamplighter / Have A Drink On Me
Side 2: Padstow / Seven Golden Daffodils / Life Gets Tee-Jus, Don't It / The Fair Maids Of Portsmouth / The Roving Kind / On A Beach Down In Dorset / Come Outside (with Toni Arthur)

Decca SKL 5299

Dorset Style

Side 1: Make Mine Country Style Medley (Turkey In The Straw; Country Style; Arkansas Traveller) / The Dorset Juggernaut / The Cornish Floral Dance / It's Always The Right Time For Love / Watercress / Whitsun Dance
Side 2: The Jolly Waggoner / Little Brown Jug / The Wedding Song / All The Good Things / Where The Lilac Grows / John O' Dreams


Decca FOS 53/54

Focus On The Yetties

Side 1: Dorset Is Beautiful / The Gypsy Rover / Towersey Fair / Fiddler's Green / The Broadside Man / Granny's Old Arm Chair / The Three Billy Goats Gruff (with Toni Arthur)
Side 2: Bread & Fishes / A'Roving / Take Your Time / The Peat Bog Soldiers / Jackie Tar; The Matelot / If The Piddletrenthide Jugband Hit The Charts / Homeward Bound
Side 3: Cigareetes, Whusky & Wild, Wild Women / The Dancers Of Stanton Drew / I Touched Her On The Toe / Lili Marlene (The D-Day Dodgers) / Lord Of The Dance / Beau Psaltery / Sweet Bells
Side 4: The Sound Of The Drum / Trelawney / Bosun's Hornpipe; Trumpet Hornpipe / Buttercup Joe / The Exmoor Hunt Song / Round Britain Medley (Dorset Is Beautiful; Henry The Eighth; The Lincolnshire Poacher; Ilkley Moor Baht 'At; She's A Lassie From Lancashire; Blaydon Races) / The Village Band


Decca SKL 5311

In Concert

Side 1: Razzamatazz / Roll Alabama Roll / Farmer Won't You Marry Me / The Scarecrow / Suzannah's A Funny Old Sow / The Lark In The Clear Air / Dorset Fore-Arm Smash / Dad's Medals
Side 2: Lucky Knickers / The Village Pump / My Little Liza / Five Drunken Nights / The Sailor Cut Down In His Prime / Sailing On The Briny Sea / My Bruddah Sylveste / Dancing Days / Alabama Jubilee

ASV ALA 3001

A Little Bit Of Dorset

Side 1: A Thomas Hardy Medley (The New Rigged Ship; The Soldier's Joy; The Fairy Dance) / Poor, Poor Farmer / The Bell Ringing / The Beggar's Song / Windmills / Back 'n' Back Yer, You / Gypsy Woman / Life Of A Man / The Last Rose Of Summer; The Bloody Fields Of Flanders
Side 2: Nellie The Elephant / My Grandfather's Clock / Levi Jackson's Rag / The Grey Hawk / The Curate & The Vicar / The Ruined Maid / Needlecases / Us Poor Fellows / D'ye Ken John Peel


ASV ALA 3003

A Proper Job

Side 1: Singing All The Way / Beaumont Rag / The Jolly Ploughboys / Ball Of Yarn / Romance / John Barleycorn / The Primrose Polka / Linden Lea / The Scarlet And The Blue / Astley's Ride; Balquihidder Lasses
Side 2: The Wanderer / Rose In June / The Bluebell Polka / 'Ee Weren't All Bad / Lillibulero / The Dorsetshire Hornpipe / Early One Evening / Farewell She / The Frost Is All Over; High Level Reel


White Hart YET 3002

Cider 'N' Song

Side 1: I Wish I Were Back On The Farm / Come Stranger, Come Friend / Speed The Plough; The Waterloo Dance / The Sheep Stealer / All For Me Grog / Leanin' / Under The Double Eagle / Freezy
Side 2: Bournemouth / Farewell To Devon; Margaret's Waltz / The Shoemaker's Kiss / The Nightingale / Dead Dog Scrumpy / When I Leave The World Behind / Zummer Evenin' Dance / Dorset Four Hand Reel / Beautiful Dorset

White Hart The Banks Of Newfoundland 1984
ASV ALA 3007

The Yetties

Side 1: Over The Hills & Far Away / Rabbit / Winter / John Barleycorn / Polka Medley / I Live Not Where I Love / We've Got Oil
Side 2: Sally The Salvage Queen / The Man At The Nore / Carolina Moon / Bread & Cheese & Kisses / Wave Over Wave / Long Pond / Praise O' Dorset




The Musical Heritage of Thomas Hardy

Thomas Hardy, world famous for his novels such as 'Tess' and 'The Mayor of Casterbridge' came from a very musical family. In their concert 'The Musical Heritage of Thomas Hardy', The Yetties take their jogs, reels, polkas and waltzes from the Hardy family collection and intersperse them with readings and poems by Thomas about the village musicians.

1. The Provincial Dance / 2. spoken..I Was One Of The Choir Boys.. / 3. Speed The Plough / 4. spoken..Each Year Would Bring The Same Cycle.. / 5. I Live Not Where I Love / 6. spoken..It Is Easy To Assume.. 7. Lord Nelsons Hornpipe / The Tars Of The Victory / 8.
spoken..The Traditions Of Country Life.. / 9. The Waterloo Dance / 10. spoken..With The Introduction Of Barrel Organs.. / 11. The Old One Hundredth / 12. Harley Whim - La Prufsienne / 13. spoken..Many Of The Characters.. / 14. The Row-Dow-Dow / 15. The Queens Polka - The Everyday Polka / 16. spoken..The Dance Is A Great Thing.. / 17.
The Dashing White Sargeant - The White Cockade / 18. spoken..Throughout The Year.. / 19. Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday / 20. spoken..There Were Other Festivals.. / 21. Jockey To The Fair - The Young May Moon / 22. spoken..As The Year Drew On.. / 23. The Sheepshearing / 24. spoken..As The Nights Drew In.. / 25. Haste To The Wedding / 26. spoken..Christmas Eve And Twelve Of The Clock.. / 27. spoken..And When The Night Has Turned.. / 28. Rejoice And Be Merry / 29. Spoken.. Farmer Shiner Was A Queer.. / 30. The Silverlake Varsoviane / 31. spoken..Thomas Hardy 1840-1928.. / 32. Twas In The Merry Month Of May

Available from The Yetties online shop

YET CD 3008

Play It Again

Polka Medley / Dorset Is Beautiful / Lamorna / Come Stranger, Come Friend / Buttercup Joe / Farewell To Devon; Margaret's Waltz / Jim The Carter's Lad / The Floral Dance / Grannie's Old Arm Chair / The Marrow / Scottish Medley / The Gypsy Rover / Costa Del Dorset / Freezy / Under The Double Eagle / The Juggernaut / Chickens / Cricket On The Village Green / Fling It 'Ere, Fling It There / Lennox Love To Blantyre; The Lass Of Gowrie; Duncan Gray / Bournemouth / When I Leave The World Behind / I Wish I Were Back On The Farm / The Farmer's Boy


Singing All The Way

Over The Hills & Far Away / Ball Of Yarn / The Grey Hawk / Polka Medley / Rabbit / John Barleycorn / Winter / Poor, Poor Farmer / 'Ee Weren't All Bad / The Man At The Nore / Bread & Cheese & Kisses / We've Got Oil / The Beggar's Song / Beaumont Rag / Back 'n' Back Yer, You / The Scarlet & The Blue / Carolina Moon-Beautiful Dreamer / Early One Evening / Linden Lea / The Bell Ringing / Levi Jackson's Rag / Wave Over Wave / The Last Rose Of Summer / Praise O' Dorset


The Fiddler Knows...

1. The Sicilian Dance
2. Come Rouze Brother Sportsman
3. The Negro's Complaint / The Braes Of Busbie
4. Moll In The Wad / The Carravan Gigs / Mr. Witt's Favourit Jig
5. Mrs. George Derring's Waltz / Dorchester Hornpipe
6. Jack's Alive / Spanish Dance
7. The Ladies' Play Thing / Paddy Carry / The Sociable
8. The Rosebud In Summer
9. Lass Of Richmond Hill / The Plough Boy / The Rose Tree
10. March
11. Rosline Castle
12. Comet Waltz / The Turk / John De Paris
13. Lucklian / Jockey To The Fair / The Poor But Honnist Soldier
14. The Wood Pecker / The Legisey
15. Barth Waltz / Waltz
16. The White Joke / The Plains Of Vittoria / Go To The Devel And Shake Your Self
17. The Irish Row Dow Dow
18. Waltz
19. The Wonded Hussar
20. Miss Platoff


Conifer Records - Request CDRR 500

Out In The Green Fields

"The Yetties careers as entertainers started around the Scout camp fire in the village of Yetminster in Dorset more years ago than they like to remember."

Out In The Green Fields / The Nightingale / Irish Medley / Bread & Fishes / Widecombe Fair / The Punch & Judy Man / Our Sarah / The Dark Island / Trelawny / 100 Pipers Medley / The Old Lamplighter / Bratton To Porlock Bay (The Exmoor Hunt Song) / Fiddlers Green / The Keeper / The D-Day Dodgers / The Drunken Sailor / Lord Of The Dance / Oldies Medley


Conifer Records - Request CDRR 502

Looking For The Sunshine

"This recording is a fair cross section of their material and hopefully, if you are in the market for a bit of sunshine, this will provide it."

Rolling Round The World / Kathleen Tyrell - The Ship In Full Sail / Apple Blossoms / The Prune Song / Sweet Thyme / New York Girls / The King Of The Fairies / When Cannons Are Roaring / La Glinais / The Wife A Lost / The Girls Of Dorsetshire / Stealaway / Mr Bloom / Dill Pickle Rag / Courting Round Dorset / Rolling Home

Dorset, My Dorset

This recording is unashamedly biased towards Dorset and life in the countryside. Every track has either Dorset or rural connections.

1. Dorset, My Dorset / 2. Fill Up The Cider Cup / 3. On A Beach Down In Dorset / 4. The Nutting Girl / 5. Gypsy's Hornpipe / 6. The Stagecoach / 7. Farewell She / 8. Swanage Steam / 9. When The Piddletrenthide Jug Band Hits The Charts / 10. Linden Lea / 11. Good English Ale / 12. Portland Fancy/Tars Of The Victory / 13. I Touched Her On The Toe / 14. The Five Foot Flirt / 15. The Rest Of The Day's Your Own / 16. The Dorset Fore-Arm Smash / 17. Blow Away The Morning Dew

Available from The Yetties online shop



Come To The Yetties Barn Dance

Gay Gordons / Hello / Family Waltz / Clopton Bridge / Swanee River / Strip The Willow / Cumberland Square Eight / Barn Dance / Timber Salvage Reel / Swedish Masquerade / Tom Pate / Devil's Dream / Circassian Circle

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2 April 1994


The Yetties Singalong Party (Cigarettes And Whisky And Wild Wild Singing)

Come Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl/Old MacDonald Had A Farm/Little Brown Jug/Tavern In The Town / Bless 'Em All/Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major/We're Gonna Hang Out The Washing On The Siegfried Line / Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out The Barrel) / Who Killed Cock Robin / If I Were A Blackbird / Cruising Down The River/After The Ball/I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles/Down At The Old Bull And Bush/Two / Blow The Man Down/A / Waltzing Matilda / Cigarettes And Whisky And Wild Wild Women / Wild Rover / Look For The Silver Lining/I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover/We'll All Go Riding On A Rainbow/Happ / My Brother Sylvest / Side By Side/Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner/Don't Dilly Dally On The Way/ Man Who Broke / Drink Up Thy Zider/Blackbird / Now Is The Hour/Goodnight Ladies/Show Me The Way To Go Home/Poor Old Landlord

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24 October 1995


Top Of The Crops

Floral Dance / Whistling Gypsy Rover / Scottish Medley / Costa Del Dorset / Poor Poor Farmer / Fling It 'Ere Fling It There / Wedding Song / Buttercup Joe / Back En Back Yer You / Marrow / Lamorna / Granny's Old Armchair / Polka Medley / Dorset Is Beautiful / Grandfather's Clock / Jim The Carter's Lad / I Wish I Were Back On The Farm / Juggernaut / Chickens / Dead Dog Scrumpy / When I Leave The World Behind

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23 Sep 1995


The Folk Music Of England

John Peel / Turmit Hoeing / Medley / Foggy Foggy Dew / Jolly Waggoner / Linconshire Poacher / Cuckoo's Nest / Sailor Cut Down In His Prime / South Australia / Medley (2) / Lilliburleo / Trelawney / Leaving Of Liverpool / No Sir No / Medley (3) / Brigg Fair / Spanish Ladies / Fox / Medley (4) / Derby Ram / Home Dearest Home

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2 August 1997
In Praise of Dorset

Praise O'Dorset (3:25) / Ee Weren't All Bad (1:55) /
Rosebud In Summer (1:59) / Excerpts From a Portland Diary: Nancy Of Weymouth (2:45) / To Equip One Apprentice: The Captain's Apprentice (2:43) / The Quaker/Tars Of The Victory (3:11) / The Dorset Militia Song (2:17) / The Alarm (2:13) / The Sergeant's Song (1:54) / The French In Confusion/La Garcon Volage (2:36) / Celebration Beer: The Barley Mow (2:24) / To Prevent Drunkeness:
The Sun From The East (2:38) / To Restraining Mad Person: Bedlam (3:22) / A Cure For Madness: From The Times Correspondent: The Common A Took In (2:51) / The Dorsetshire Hornpipe (3:13) / Where's Er To Then (1:36) / Nellie The Milkmaid (3:11) / The Farmer's Woldest Da'ter (1:37) / Barbara Allen (4:25) / The Comfort Of Man (2:58) / I Aint Got Nar Nother: Marrowbones (2:45) / The Grey Hawk (3:27) / The Curate's Kindness Or A Workhouse Irony (2:13) / John Blunt (2:15
Talent (2:28) / The Sheepshearing/Vields By Watervalls (2:00) / Praise O'Dorset (0:34)

The Dorset Parish Records Preservation Project. Just occasionally a project comes along which seems absolutely right. When the idea of this recording was first mooted by the Dorset Archives we immediately thought there could be no better way of celebrating our 30 years of singing Dorset's praises around the world than producing this truly Dorset experience.

Available from The Yetties online shop

4th October 1998
A Load of Old Bales

Collection of songs compiled by Bonny Sartin.

Available from The Yetties online shop


May 1998


Wild Mountain Thyme

Recorded live at Digby Hall, Sherbourne on 19th March 1999

1. Instrumental / 2. Candlelight Fisherman / 3. Over The Hills And Far Away / 4. Needlecases / 5. Jack Was Every Inch A Salior / 6. Pleasent & Delightful / 7. Twice Daily / 8. A Palce In The Choir / 9. Rabbit / 10. The LIfe Of Man / 11. The Barbecue Song / 12. The Ball Of Yarn / 13. Rock And Roll Shanty / 14. Captain Swing / 15. The Red Herirng / 16. The Farmer's Boy / 17. Wild Mountain Thyme

19th July 1999
Folk 'N' Brass

The Yetties and The SWT Woodfalls Band

2nd October 1999; recalled, and re-released in January 2000
Musical Allsorts

"We've always intended to make an instrumental album but somehow never got round to it until now - so yer 'tis - I hope you enjoy it!"

1. Mount Gabriel / Gubben Lindgrist / Redows Polka
2. My Bonnie Lad / Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms / My Home
3. Planxty Irwin / Morning Star
4. The Rollicking Irishman / Haste To The Wedding / Swallows Nest / Paddy The Dandy
5. Maxine Le Planc
6. Dunphy's Hornpipe / Murphy's Hornpipe / Smith's Hornpipe
7. Planxty Fanny Power
8. Oslo Waltz / Banjo Breakdown
9. Peacock Rag / Beaumont Rag
10. The Shepherd's Wife
11. Sally Gardens / Soldier's Joy / Mason's Apron
12. Skye Boat Song / Jim Lindsay's Jig / Burries Brae
13. The Bluebell Polka
14. My Florence
15. The Wounded Hussar / Major Malley's Reel / Seven Stars Jig
16. Staten Island / Miss McCloud's Reel / Gilderoy
17. Granny's Waltz / Larry's Waltz / Louise's Waltz
18. The Lilting Fisherman / Rakes Of Kildare / Syriacus

Available from The Yetties online shop



Rolling Home To England

Widecombe Fair / Bread And Fishes / Cornish Quickstep/Portsmouth/Durham Rangers / Among The Leaves So Green Oh / Scarborough Fair / Windmills / Waters Of Tyne/Bath Waltz/Farewell To Devon / Scarlet And The Blue / Shepherd's Song / Hexham Races/Canny Newcastle/Trent Waters / Three Drunken Maidens / Shoals Of Herring / Shrewsbury Lasses/Newcastle/Greenwich Park / Ranter's Wharf / Tavistock Goosey Fair / General Wolfe / Greenland Whale Fishery / D Day Dodgers / Rolling Home To England

with Richard Helson (fiddle & mandolin) and Cyril White (cornet)

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10 Sep 2001
Rejoice and be Merry

For many years The Yetties have toured their Christmas Singalong show around England at the festive season. The songs, music, poems and readings on this CD are a collection of the very best and most requested items from their extensive repertoire.

1. Sweet Bells / 2. Gather Round The Family / 3. In The Bleak Midwinter / 4. The Cornish Wassail / 5. It Came Upon Athe Midnight Clear - See Amid The Winter Snow - Oh Little Town / 6. The Beast's Carol / 7. Rejoice And Be Merry / 8. Freezy / 9. Child In A Manger / 10. The Yeoman's Carol / 11. The Oxen - Winter / 12. There Are No Lights On Our Christmas Tree / 13. Hope And Joy / 14. The Marvellous Toy / 15. Absentmindedness In The Church Choir / 16. Leaping And Dancing / 17. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas / 18. The Holly And The Ivy / 19. I'm Going Home For Christmas

Available from The Yetties online shop



Messing About On The River

Messing About On The River / I'se The Bye / Leave Her Johnny Leave Her / Our Sarah / Westphalia Waltz/Sherborne Hornpipe/Saddle The Pony / Come By The Hills / Whip Jamboree / Sweet Thames Flow Softly / Bulgine Run / Primrose Polka / Country Carrier / Ladies Go Dancing At Whitsun / I'm A Freeborn Man / Prune Song / Sailing Song / John O'Dreams / Send Us A Postcard / Dill Pickles Rag / Leanin' / Punch And Judy Man

with Richard Helson (fiddle & mandolin)

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21 July 2003


Songs Of Olde England

Floral Dance / John Peel / Lincolshire Poacher / Dorset Is Beautiful / Trelawney (Song Of The Western Men) / Derby Ram / Jim The Carter's Lad / Buttercup Joe / Widecombe Fair / Morris Tunes Medley / Leaving Of Liverpool / Grandfather's Clock / Wedding Song / Polka Medley / Jolly Waggoner / Scarborough Fair

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9 Aug 2004


A West Country Pub Party

1. Medley: Come Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl/Old Mac Donald Had A Farm/Little Brown Jug/There Is A Tavern In The Town
2. Medley: Drink Up Thy Zider/Blackbird
3. Cigarettes And Whiskey And Wild, Wild Women
4. Medley: Blow The Man Down/A-Roving/What Shall We Do With A Drunken Salilor?
5. Waltzing Matilda
6. Medley:Side By Side/Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner/Don't DillyDally On The Way/The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo/Hello! Hello! Who's Your Lady Friend?/Hold Your Hand Out You Naughty Boy/I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts/Knees Up Mother Brown
7. Roll Out The Barrel (Beer Barrel Polka)
8. Medley: Bless 'Em All/Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant Major/We're Gonna Hang Out The Washing On The Siegfried Line/Run Rabbit Run/Keep The Home Fires Burning/There's A Long Trail A-Winding/Goodbye Dolly Gray/It's A Long Way To Tipperary/Pack Up Your Troubles
9. Medley: Look For The Silver Lining/I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover/We'll All Go Riding On A Rainbow/Happy Days Are Here Again
10. Medley: Cruising Down The River/After The Ball/I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles/Down At The Old Bull And Bush/Two Lovely Black Eyes/I'll Be Your Sweetheart
11. The Wild Rover
12. Medley: Now Is The Hour/Goodnight Ladies/Show Me The Way To Go Home/Poor Old Landlord (Time Gentlemen Please)

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21 March 2005


It's a Fine Thing to Sing, Rambleaway, Fiddler's Green, Kathleen Tyrell/Acreman Street Jig/Lady Walpole's Reel, Mr. Bloom, Out in the Green Fields, Gulliver, the Smuggler, Wave Over Wave, Lorne Sunset, The Beggar, Peggy Gordon, The Merchant and the Sailor, Highland Cathedral, My Little Maggie May, Rolling Round the World, The Banks of Newfoundland, Thurso Wedding/Kissed Yestreen/Mrs. Stewart's Fancy, John Barleycorn, The Last of England

Available from The Yetties online shop

July 2005

The Vigilante - Bonny Sartin

17 of his poems and 3 songs written over the past few years.

Available from The Yetties online shop


The Yetties Of Yesteryear (1970-1986)

The Village Band, We Were Gathering Watercress, Slieve Gallon Braes / Wild Colonial Boy / Green Glens of Antrim, Stormalong, Dancing Days, Diggory Venn the Raddle Man, Have a Drink on Me, John Small, Long Pond, Bandy Bertha's Birthday, The Storyteller, Dad's Medals, Early One Evening, The Last Rose of Summer / The Bloody Fields of Flanders, The Peasant's Revolt, We've Got Oil, Barwick Green, The Peat Bog Soldiers, The Scholar / Sheehan's Reel / Peter Street, The Parting Glass

Available from The Yetties online shop


Music DVDs    
The Yetties at Yetminster Fair (video/DVD)

The Yetties - In Concert and the magic of Yetminster Fair in glorious summer sunshine. These classic ingredients, skilfully blended make this a highly entertaining programme.

Available from The Yetties online shop

Journey Through The Purbecks (video/DVD)

The famous Dorset Folk Group take a 'walk on the wild side'! Captured on film - a once in a life-time chance to see The Yetties being thrown off a train - through lack of cash!

Available from The Yetties online shop
All Over Dorset (video/DVD)

The Yetties take you on a delightful tour of the county, including a trip in the old Paddle Steamer Waverley.

Available from The Yetties online shop
It's a Fine Thing to Sing (video/DVD)

The Yetties - Live! Recorded at Digby Hall, Sherborne in March 1999. A great selection of songs and music 250 friends of The Yetties in fine voice.

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A Weekend at Halsway Manor (DVD)

For a great many years The Yetties have hosted a weekend gathering in February. This hardy bunch of enthusiasts subject themselves to a weekend of wall to wall entertainment, including three dances, a concert, musical workshops, lectures/talks and of course, singalongs in the bar! So, if you’ve ever wondered what all the fuss is about then this DVD provides the answers.

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1st July 2006

English Folk The Yetties Songbook (Tony Wales - editor) 9th July 1971
Wise Productions Out Of The Green Fields and Other Songs By The Yetties (Pete & Others) 1974
Prism Press Little Bit Of Dorset (The Yetties) 7th Aug 1986

The Yetties Songbook I

Contains 51 songs by The Yetties


Dragonfly Music

The Yetties Songbook Mark II

Contains 51 songs by The Yetties. Illustrated by Julian Goodey


Certayen Publications, Sherbourne

The Cow Pat Throwing Championships of 1959 And Other Poems (Bonny Sartin)
Illustrated by Nikki Spooner

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Certayen Publications, Sherbourne

I Said The Wrong Thing There And Other Poems (Bonny Sartin)
Illustrated by Nikki Spooner

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Appearances By The Yetties On Other Recordings

The Yetties have appeared on various recordings, including compilation albums, and as accompanists to other artists. Details of some of these are given here.
Note: Unless otherwise stated, all recordings listed below are 12" LP records. Tracks by The Yetties are marked *

Zeus CF201

Various Artists - "Festival At Towersey"

Side 1: Dance Medley / Ale Glorious Ale / Maggie May / The Hunt (The Yetties) / Liverpool Judies / Blow The Man Down
Side 2: How Can I Keep From Singing? / Martin Said To His Man / Once I Loved A Maiden Fair - The Hole In The Wall / The Leaf (The Yetties) / The Thrashin' Machine (The Yetties)

This sought-after album includes the Yetties' first appearance on record.


Various Artists - "Folk On Friday"
"A Selection of Songs from the BBC Radio Series Produced by FRANCES LINE"

Side 1: Talcahuano Girls / Bold William Taylor / Dorset Is Beautiful (The Yetties) / The Death Of The Earl Of Essex / Farewell Johnny Miner / Arthur McBride
Side 2: Dan The Dustman (The Yetties) / Andy's Gone With Cattle / Two Pretty Boys / Compliments Returned / Ah Cud Hew / Instrumental Medley

Argo SPA-A 132 Various Artists - "The World Of Folk"
Side 1: Broadside Man (The Yetties) / Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day / Border Widow's Lament / Canny Lad The Miner / Swapping Song / Kate Of Coalbrookdale / Twa Corbies
Side 2: Net Hauling Song / Turpin Hero / Black Is The Colour / Boar's Head Carol / Song Of Choice / Hot Stuff / The Oggie Man
Argo SPA-A 150

O'Dalaigh's Ceili Band* - "The World Of Irish Dancing"

Side 1: REELS - Spanish Lady; Teetotaller; Mason's Apron / HORNPIPES - Harvest Home; The Kingston; The Sunshine / JIGS - Frost Is All Over; Blackthorn Stick; Swallow's Nest / WALTZES - Slieve Gallon Braes; Wild Colonial Boy; Green Glens Of Antrim / MARCHES - All The Way To Galway; Boys Of Wexford; Roddy McCorley / SET DANCE - The Hunt / JIGS - Kelly's; Foxhunter's; Drops Of Brandy
Side 2: REELS - Jimmy Allan; Down By The Sally Gardens; Drowsy Maggie / MARCHES - Kelly The Boy From Killane; Minstrel Boy; Lass Of Bon Accord / WALTZES - Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms; Bendemeer's Dream; Star Of The County Down / JIGS - Rakes Of Kildare; Munster Buttermilk; Irish Washerwoman / SET DANCE - Madame Bonaparte / HORNPIPES - Boys Of Bluehill; Sligo Fancy; Smith's Favourite / REELS - Scholar; Sheehan's; Peter Street

Back in 1971 The Yetties recorded a live album Our Friends The Yetties at Decca Studios in London. This all went swimmingly and they finished with hours to spare. The audience went off home and the band was about to depart when Kevin Daly, the producer, came up with an alternative plan. He had the studio booked and he was determined to make the most of it. At that time Decca were producing their 99p 'World Of' series of LPs. They had the 'The World of Scottish Music', The World of Welsh Song' etc., but amongst the huge catalogue there was no 'World of Irish Dancing'. Kevin knew that Pete and the other friends on the recording, Dave Kettlewell on flute and Oscar Burridge on fiddle, were well into Irish music and he suggested they knock together an LP. The caretaker at the studio also played the piano and in five minutes flat a band was formed, a variety of jigs, reels, waltzes were decided upon and the tape was running. Now, this LP was going to be aimed at the Irish market so it was no good calling the band The Yetties therefore, in honour of Kevin and his whizzo idea, it was named O'Dalaigh's Ceili Band. Mac took a photo of The Bristol Irish Dancers at Sidmouth Folk Festival and that was the sleeve sorted. The LP sold by the thousand...


Argo ZFB 28

Cyril Tawney - "In Port"

Side 1: Sally Free & Easy / A Lean & Unwashed Tiffy* / The Ballad Of Sammy's Bar / Stanley The Rat / Diesel & Shale* / My Mother Came From Norway / Six Feet Of Mud* / In The Sidings
Side 2: Five Foot Flirt* / On A Monday Morning / Nobby Hall / Cheering The Queen* / New Names For Old / Chicken On A Raft* / The Grey Funnel Line

* these tracks feature The Yetties accompanying Cyril

Argo ZFB 83

Bob Arnold - "Mornin' All"

Side 1: Jim The Carter's Lad / The Jolly Waggoner / Postponed / Stow Fair / Needle Cases / Poor Old Horse / As I Was Going To Banbury
Side 2: Turmut Hoeing / Where The Violets Are Blue / Three Maidens A-Milking / When Jones' Ale Was New / The Rest Of The Day's Your Own / Richard Of Taunton Dean / The Bell Ringers

The Yetties accompanied Bob on all tracks

Argo SPA 304

Various Artists - "The World Of The Countryside"

Side 1: Out In The Green Fields (The Yetties) / The Ploughman / All Jolly Fellows Who Follow The Plough / The Lark In The Morning (The Yetties) / The Buxom Lass / Gossip Joan / The Shepherd's Song / We Gets Up In The Morning
Side 2: Towersey Fair (The Yetties) / The Sound Of The Drum (The Yetties) / The Cuckoo's Nest / Low Down In The Broom / The Carter / The Three Merry Men Of Kent / John Barleycorn / All's Dear But Poor Men's Labour / Farewell She

Argo SPA 307

Various Artists - "The World Of Folk Vol. 2"

Side 1: The Bonny Ship The Diamond (The Yetties) / The Manchester Rambler / The Queen Of Hearts / Thyme / The Bald Headed End Of The Broom / Tottie / The Wind That Shakes The Barley
Side 2: Jones' Ale / Gilderoy / The Spotted Cow / The Pick & The Malt Shovel / Sweet England / Zummer's Evemen Dance / Yarmouth Town


Decca DPA 3029/30

Various Artists - "This England" (Double LP)

Side 1: Old London / Drake's Drum / The Daffodils / The Floral Dance / I Am The Monarch Of The Sea - When I Was A Lad / Everything Stops For Tea / Suite Of Northumberland Songs
Side 2: Elizabethan Serenade / Widdecombe Fair (The Yetties) / The King's Horses / Yorkshire Pud / Leaning On A Lamp Post / The Eton Boating Song / Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends
Side 3: Overture: The Yeomen Of The Guard / Nymphs & Shepherds / Greensleeves / Linden Lea / We'll Gather Lilacs / Upon Westminster Bridge / The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended
Side 4: Blaydon Races / Sally - Sing As We Go - Looking On The Bright Side / Dorset Is Beautiful (The Yetties) / The White Cliffs Of Dover / Jerusalem / Land Of Hope & Glory / Rule Britannia

Argo ZSW 593-5 Laurie Lee - "Cider With Rosie"
This is a triple-album box set which featured Laurie Lee reading his famous book. Pete Shutler and Mac McCulloch of The Yetties provided musical accompaniment.
Argo 1187 Moira Shearer - "Tess Of The D'Urbervilles" by Thomas Hardy
A twin-cassette set featuring Thomas Hardy's famous novel read by actress Moira Shearer. The Yetties provided musical accompaniment to the reading at appropriate points in the story.
White Hart YET 3003

John Arlott & The Yetties - "The Sound Of Cricket"
Poems read by John Arlott and songs by The Yetties

Side 1: Introduction - Cricket On The Village Green* / Maker Of Bat & Ball - John Small* / The Cricketers Of Hambledon On Windmill Down, 1789 / Stonewall Jack* - The Old Cricketer / Introduction - I Keeps It There Or Thereabout* / Introduction - The Flower Bowler*
Side 2: Fred Grace - The High Catch* / The Master Artful Dodgers - A Tickle O' Me Spinnin' Finger* / Introduction - Four Jolly Bowlers* / Pride Of The County - Harold Gimblett's Hundred* / Ian Botham, Somerset C. C. C. - Somerset* - Beefy's Army* - Closing

* songs by The Yetties


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