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The Beautiful Changers

"THE Pete Atkin tribute band!"

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The Beautiful Changers Gallery

Some photos of the Beautiful Changers in action - click on the pictures to see a bigger version

Rehearsal for Pete Atkin "Field of Dreams" gig, 16 July 1999 (FoD 99)

FOD 99 rehearsal pic "I'm sure there was a drummer here earlier!"

Some of the band: (L-R) Paul Gunningham (guitar), Roy Brown (Bass, bending down),
Richard Corfield (electric guitar), Leslie Moss (keyboard)
"Reckon that's enough of us to be going on with!"

L-R: Corfield, Sorensen, Gunningham, Denton, Coulson, Brown, Moss, Muldal
The Changers get some badly-needed practice in before the pubs open
FOD 99 rehearsal pic
FOD 99 rehearsal pic "Some blubber here and there, but...!"

Some of the band: (L-R) Paul Gunningham (guitar), Ian Sorensen (keyboard),
Richard Corfield (electric guitar), Roy Brown (Bass), Leslie Moss (keyboard)
"Come on lads - the pub's been open twenty minutes!"

Ben Coulson (star vocalist) gets an audience-ear view of the band during rehearsals.
If you look really closely, you can see his ear plugs...
FOD 99 rehearsal pic

The Beautiful Changers at the Pete Atkin "Field of Dreams" gig, 17 July 1999 (FoD 99)

FOD 99 pic "They spin, they grip, they whip away..." - they can't touch you for it!

Lead vocalist Steve Birkill (centre right) tears into Rain-Wheels during the band's first set.
Also visible (L-R) are Richard Corfield (electric guitar), Paul Gunningham (acoustic guitar), Sylfest Muldal (acoustic guitar), John Denton (drums), Roy Brown (Bass guitar), Leslie Moss (keyboard)
"Talk about Bird and Diz being tricky men for a drummer to sit in with!"

Ben Coulson at the mic as the band open their second set with Wristwatch For A Drummer.
L-R: Richard Corfield, Ian Sorensen, Paul Gunningham,
John Denton (drums, behind Paul), Ben Coulson, Roy Brown, Leslie Moss.
FOD 99 pic
FOD 99 pic "Overstaying your tentative welcome with the paying customers..."

... well, we hope not, but just to prove that there was an audience and we weren't all on stage!
Simon Reap (sound engineer) can be seen on the right with the mixing and recording equipment.
"And they crowd out the bars..."

...well, they will do as soon as the set's over!
Sylfest Muldal at the mic in an emotionally charged rendition of the song the band was named after - The Beautiful Changes. Last recorded as the title track of Julie Covington's 1970 album.
FOD 99 pic
FOD 99 pic "I'd have rather been reading the latest Bernieres..."

... personally, I don't believe a word of it! Carole Birkill (centre, left) and Julia Daly (centre, right) give the female perspective on what it must be like to be that Girl On The Train sitting opposite the Gargoyle On A Drain. See below for another pic.
"I think it was me..."

Another shot of Carole and Julia singing Gargoyle On A Drain.
You should know who the others in the picture are by now, but if not, see the ones above.
FOD 99 pic
FOD 99 pic "The whole routine was just too #@%&*?! slow..."

...but we played it as fast as we could! Steve Birkill imitates Val Doonican and risks the wrath of Clive James by changing a single word during the American GI's verse of No Dice. But what a word!
"Beware of the Beautiful Changers..."

...I think that's what it sounded like, anyway. The band at the end of their second set.
(L-R) Paul Gunningham, Richard Corfield, Steve Birkill, Ben Coulson, Roy Brown, Sylfest Muldal.
FOD 99 pic

The Beautiful Changers with Pete Atkin - "Field of Dreams" gig, 17 July 1999 (FoD 99)

FOD 99 PA pic "Now then lads - not too fast, please...!"
A dream comes true for the Beautiful Changers as Pete Atkin (centre) invites the band on stage at the end of his final set to accompany him on Rain-Wheels. Also pictured are Paul Gunningham (left, with guitar) and Ben Coulson (right, indicating that drinking time is running out fast). Richard Corfield can be glimpsed behind Paul, and Ian Sorensen has his back to Pete - how rude, Ian!
"Ready, guys?"

Paul Gunningham (left) and Pete Atkin wait for the off,
while Ian Sorensen checks how much beer he has left.
FOD 99 PA pic
FOD 99 PA pic "Where the rain falls warm..."

The band in action with Pete Atkin at last! (L-R) Paul Gunningham (guitar), Ian Sorensen (keyboard), Pete Atkin (vocal), Ben Coulson (mendoza), John Denton (drums), Roy Brown (bass).
"...and the winds don't chill..."

Same personnel as the previous picture, but this time, Richard Corfield (guitar), Sylfest Muldal (guitar, with baseball cap) and Leslie Moss (right, on keyboard) managed to get in shot!
FOD 99 PA pic
FOD 99 PA pic "Food for heroes"

Another shot of the band's supreme moment!
"Well done, lads!"

Pete Atkin (centre) applauds the band's efforts as the final A chord dies away.
FOD 99 PA pic

Watch this space for more photos as they become available. More photos of the Beautiful Changers' second rehearsal for the Field of Dreams gig 6 June 1999, Long Hanborough, Oxon. on the Pete Atkin website

All photos copyright © Golden Haze Productions

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